Mountain Top People of God













Vision of March,





It was a Saturday morning;

I was in prayer with my eyes closed.


I saw a bright light through my closed eyes. Then I saw a mountain and on top of the mountain, where the snowcaps usually would be, I saw a man’s head.  I knew immediately that it was Moses even though it looked like no person who ever portrayed Moses. 


He was looking straightforward and I could clearly see his full face.  As soon as I said to myself, “That is Moses.” the face changed and I knew that it was Aaron. 


Aaron was looking in the direction I felt people were supposed to go.  I saw only the right side of his face.  As soon as I identified the face as Aaron, another face appeared. 


This face was looking down and to the side but not turned as far as Aaron’s face and not full faced Moses.  At first I said it was Peter, then I said “No that’s Paul.” Paul’s head was smaller in size than the other heads.  As soon as I knew that I knew it was Paul, another face appeared.


This face again was facing forward, I could see the full face and I knew it was Isaac but I questioned why not Isaiah. Isaac remained and then the vision left.