War Eagle Vision 2002







Last week in April 2002:  Had a vision of an eagle gliding and in his talons he was carrying an ANVIL.  It was gliding along without flapping its wings, there was no apparent strain on him and it was carried like it was a small rack.  The small side of the anvil was in the talons. It was flying above the land in the clear sky. No clouds were near. Land was visible but not close enough to be able to say what type of terrain it was. 


May 3rd, 2002 … had a continuation of the vision.  The eagle was still flying along with the anvil, close to where it was before. My attention was drawn to the eagle's eye.  There appeared to be letters in the eye. I could not make out exactly what they were but it had letters in the eye. It seemed to be English type of letters but they were not in a language that I could read. It seemed to be more than one set of letters, like many sentences.  It frustrated me that I could not make out the letters and I wanted to know what it said. I asked the Lord to show me what this meant and asked Him why it was taking so long for this vision to come forth.  The answer I received was "It takes some time to paint a beautiful picture."


May 4th. 2002 … saw the eagle again and was drawn to the eye again. In the corner of the eye was a tear. The tear was a collection of many small tears that appeared as one large tear. The tear was not of 'watery liquid' but of a clear stone. The stone was NOT a diamond or prism. Yet it was clear and sparkly.  I do not know of any gem or stone on earth that I have ever seen.  Each tear was a different and unique color, each bright and shining. I have asked to Lord to reveal more about this.


May 7th, 2002 … first heard a whishing sound that awoke me.  First thinking it was the wind. Then I heard the Lord say, “think about what you heard”. The air was not going up but coming down, as the air would if a eagle with its wings extended would sound. 


Then I heard the Lord say,


“Listen carefully my children because I am sending an eagle with the anvil to forge the steal of the sword of Michael that the eagle will carry in his mouth.  You must have your fires ready for he will pass by those whose fires are not ready to forge the sword. 


You must let the Holy Spirit blow on the coals so that the fires will burn strong enough in you that the eagle will stop and forge the sword that I send to you.


Many will not be listening and many will not allow the Holy Spirit to blow on the coals.  I will cry many tears because I have called them to fight with me. I can wait no longer I must have My army ready to fight along side of me.  I will take in to battle the tears I have shed for those who were not willing to listen or to prepare and in the final days I will drop my tears on the enemy's head as a final blow to his army.


Get ready my people the time is close at hand when the eagle will come and forge the sword of Michael for you to use.  Now is not the time to be slothful, to procrastinate or to be late.  For any that are one minute late, they will be too late. 


To fight in My army you must be ready, willing and able.  Fully equipped with the armor and with the sharpened sword. There will not be time to prepare after the final battle begins. 


The enemy has set up camps throughout the earth and they are ready to attack in a moments notice but My army is waiting to be called before they prepare.  I have already called you. You should be ready for the fight to begin NOW, this moment.


Many have perished because they were not ready to move.  I did not choose for them to perish they choose not to listen to my voice and move when I warn them.  THIS IS A WARNING!!!!! 


I am coming to fight the final battle and those who want to fight with Me MUST be prepared at all times, for the moment that you choose to let your guard down and put your sword aside for even the briefest of moments, the enemy will strike.


Be alert to what is happening around you.  There should never be a time when there is a “surprise” or a sneak attack by the enemy.  Stand guard, be on watch, and be in the tower waiting for the trumpets to sound The call to battle, for at the first vibration of sound from the trumpet will the enemy strike with his whole army.


You have been called for this very time, for this very purpose have I chosen you. I will be sending the eagle to sharpen your swords but only if he sees the fires burning hot will he be able to stop.  He will be drawn by the heat of the fire.”