January 2000    After a Thursday night church service, I got the verse Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” All day on Friday, something “ate” at me. There seemed to be something else in the sermon that I had missed.  I replayed the sermon all day long in my mind trying to find the missing message.  I prayed, I sought but it wouldn’t come.  I couldn’t sleep, there was something I had missed and I had to figure out what it was.  Finally at 3 am, in desperation I cried out, “God, I have looked at everything about that sermon, I find nothing else that I should have gotten out of it.”  Then I heard, “Remember the pastor quickly kneeling and telling you that sometimes you need to just get on your face and pray, or your knees?”  Well, you have been doing just that and satan has been jumping on as you are down, taking a short ride.  Sure you knock him off with your ‘spiritual shower’ but TAKE A BATH to get rid of satan.  Submerge yourself in the water of MY word.”  Several times on Wednesday people had said that there are times when you want and need to take a bath, a shower just isn’t the same.  A perfect peace came over me and I had my answer… time to take a spiritual bath.


As I praised the Lord for this insight, I had a vision, I was in my prayer place (a wheat field alone with the Lord), I was talking to Him as I always do, (my head lying on His lap), when He raised His hand toward heaven (this is the first time I had actually seen his hand).  Out of His hand came a vision of a man dressed in a white flowing robe.  As the figure moved toward heaven, it became a perfect white dove.  Then two white clothed figures came from earth, going toward heaven and meeting together about halfway up, forming the image of praying hands as they continued up.  Soon there were 4 people, then 8 people and kept multiplying, each pair uniting to form the praying hands.  Soon the whole sky was filled with ‘praying hand figures, a beautiful radiant white with light hues of pink, yellow, lavender, lime green and light blue as more people continued up to heaven.  It was beautiful and then the Lord said, “Get ready, take a bath in spiritual water for I will come soon.”  I checked the clock, this was at 4:44am on Saturday morning, I was not sleeping or dreaming, I was not the least bit sleepy or tired.  I again praised the Lord for such a wonderful sight and very suddenly like turning off the light in the room, I went to sleep, such a peaceful sleep that I awoke 2 hours later fresher than if I had slept all night.


On Sunday, the sermon was about the bride getting ready for the Groom.  Last night, it came to me that the bride would want to take a bath and not a ‘quick’ shower to get ready for the Groom.  To be extra clean, relaxed and ready for her to come in the presence of her Lord.


NOTE:  I do not feel that this is like the rapture people talk about but more like post--wedding march, the bride and groom walk together and then the invited guests follow.  Usually the mother and father of the bride, then the groom’s parents and then they continue to multiply until the isles are full.  I believe the man in the white flowing robe is the Holy Spirit that will go before the groom and his bride…

The Lord is coming and telling His people to get ready…His time is near…




My precious daughter, I am calling you.

The choice is yours, what will you do?

I long to hold you, to show you unconditional love,

To have you feel my mercy and grace


My precious daughter, I see your beauty and pain,

I long to restore you, to polish you,

For you to know what a precious jewel you are to be.

I open the doors to my kingdom.


My precious daughter do not turn and run from me again.

My arms are open wide to reveal to you the gifts I have given you before your birth.

There is nothing that you have done or said that I have not seen or heard.

I love you---always have and always will; regardless of your perception of what I might think of you.


I see a precious daughter, a beautiful stone that the enemy has tried to tarnish, to crack and destroy but you are perfect in my sight and I want you to know that you are MY precious daughter.


Come dance in my courts, join in my song, throw away your views of yourself.

Come and let me show you how I see you, how wonderful and great of a servant that I see when I look upon you!


I see past the camouflage that lucifer has thrown on you to keep you from coming to me.

I say come precious daughter, come tonight and throw off the enemies cloth, so that your beauty will again shine an your will be released to take the rightful place at the Father's table.  Come home child---tonight...come home.  I long for your presence in my house!


My precious daughter, hear my voice and know that I am speaking to you tonight, that I love you.  Come my precious daughter come.


[Received August 31, 2001 at a Gospel Revelation home meeting in Round Rock, Texas.]


Related Scripture:  Isaiah 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!   Note:  the name lucifer is mentioned only once in the Bible that we know of ...


March 2002 

It was a Saturday morning; I was in prayer with my eyes closed.  I saw a bright light through my closed eyes. Then I saw a mountain and on top of the mountain, where the snowcaps usually would be, I saw a man’s head.  I knew immediately that it was Moses even though it looked like no person who ever portrayed Moses.  He was looking straightforward and I could clearly see his full face.  As soon as I said to myself, “That is Moses.” the face changed and I knew that it was Aaron.  Aaron was looking in the direction I felt people were supposed to go.  I saw only the right side of his face..  As soon as I identified the face as Aaron, another face appeared.  This face was looking down and to the side but not turned as far as Aaron’s face and not full faced like Moses.  At first I said it was Peter, then I said “No that’s Paul.” Paul’s head was smaller in size than the other heads.  As soon as I knew that I knew it was Paul, another face appeared. This face again was facing forward, I could see the full face and I knew it was Isaac but I questioned why not Isaiah. Isaac remained and then the vision left.


April 2002: sometime in the last week I had a vision:

I saw an eagle gliding and in his talons he was carrying an ANVIL.  The eagle seemed to be looking for someplace to land. It seemed to be a large eagle. I got the feeling that it was a special eagle.  It was gliding along without flapping its wings, there was no apparent strain on him and it was carried like it was a small rock.  The small side of the anvil was in the talons. It was flying above the land in the clear sky. No clouds were near. Land was visible but not close enough to be able to say what type of terrain it was.  


May 3rd, 2002

I had a continuation of the vision.  The eagle was still flying along with the anvil, close to where it was before. My attention was drawn to the eagle's eye.  There appeared to be letters in the eye. I could not make out exactly what they were but it had letters in the eye. It seemed to be English type of letters but they were not in a language that I could read. It seemed to be more than one set of letters, like many sentences.  It frustrated me that I could not make out the letters and I wanted to know what it said. I asked the Lord to show me what this meant and asked Him why it was taking so long for this vision to come forth.  The answer I received was “It takes some time to paint a beautiful picture."


May 4th. 2002.

I saw the eagle again and was drawn to the eye again. In the corner of the eye was a tear. The tear was a collection of many small tears that appeared as one large tear. The tear was not of ‘watery liquid’ but of a clear stone. The stone was NOT a diamond or prism. Yet it was clear and sparkly.  I do not know of any gem or stone on earth that I have ever seen. Each section of the tear was a different and unique color, each bright and shining. I have asked to Lord to reveal more about this.


May 7th, 2002

I first heard a whishing sound that awoke me.  First thinking it was the wind. Then I heard the Lord say, ‘think about what you heard’. The air was not going up but coming down, as the air would if an eagle with its wings extended would sound.  Then I heard the Lord say, “Listen carefully my children because I am sending an eagle with the anvil to forge the steel of the sword of Michael,  that the eagle will carry in his mouth.  You must have your fires ready for he will pass by those whose fires are not ready to forge the sword.  You must let the Holy Spirit blow on the coals so that the fires will burn strong enough in you that the eagle will stop and forge the sword that I send to you. Many will not be listening and many will not allow the Holy Spirit to blow on the coals.  I will cry many tears because I have called them to fight with me. I can wait no longer. I must have My army ready to fight along side of me.  I will take in to battle the tears I have shed for those who were not willing to listen or to prepare and in the final days I will drop my tears on the enemy’s head as a final blow to his army. Get ready my people the time is close at hand when the eagle will come and forge the sword of Michael for you to use.  Now is not the time to be slothful, to procrastinate or to be late.  For any that are one minute late, they will be too late.  To fight in My army you must be ready, willing and able.  Fully equipped with the armor and with the sharpened sword. There will not be time to prepare after the final battle begins.  The enemy has set up camps throughout the earth and they are ready to attack in a moments notice but My army is waiting to be called before they prepare.  I have already called you. You should be ready for the fight to begin NOW, this moment.  Many have perished because they were not ready to move.  I did not choose for them to perish they choose not to listen to my voice and move when I warn them.  THIS IS A WARNING!!!!!  I am coming to fight the final battle and those who want to fight with Me MUST be prepared at all times, for the moment that you choose to let your guard down and put your sword aside for even the briefest of moments, the enemy will strike. Be alert to what is happening around you.  There should never be a time when there is a ‘surprise’ or a sneak attack by the enemy.  Stand guard, be on watch, be in the tower waiting for the trumpets to sound. The call to battle, for at the first vibration of sound from the trumpet will the enemy strike with his whole army. You have been called for this very time, for this very purpose have I chosen you. I will be sending the eagle to sharpen your swords but only if he sees the fires burning hot will he be able to stop. He will be drawn by the heat of the fire.

I wrestled with the words in the eagle’s eye.  It bothers me that I can see the words but not read the message then I asked God, was it a foreign language, were the letters scrambled.  Then I asked God why I couldn’t make it out, why wasn’t He revealing the message.  Then I heard, “Because my children are not ready to hear the message, they would not accept it or understand it.  They would discard it and not hear My heart.”  Then I asked when will You allow me to give the message.  He said, “I may not give the message to you but you will KNOW when the message is given that it is the message that you have seen.  You will suddenly be able to clearly see each letter and know that it is the message that I sent.”


NOTE: The next day I listened to a tape from a prophetic minister.  There was something in the message that struck my spirit.  I realized that I lacked the faith that is needed to see the words in the eagle’s eye. God had the message for this time but I was lacking, I was not where I should have been to receive the message the way it was intended.  I cried out to God because I had not been where I should have been to be at His service.  Someone else will receive the message, someone who had the faith and maturity to receive it.  I didn’t have ‘Peter’ faith that would allow me to walk on the water and to seek the Lord to the point I put man’s logic aside.  We MUST get to the point where we have “Peter, walk on water” faith.  Without it we cannot be of full service to the Lord, we are actually handicapped without it.  We are crippled and not able to be FULLY used by the Lord for His Kingdom.


JUNE 10th , 2002

I clearly see a beautiful stream it is not a big stream but there is something that draws you to it.  It is slow and relaxing as the water flows in the stream.  There were trees and lush green along the banks of the stream but my concentration was on the stream itself,  There is a calm feeling.  Then I hear the Lord say to build your fires near the flowing stream…it has much to offer.  Then I look in the stream and there are rock like objects strategically placed, some closer to the others and some farther away..  Nothing bright and shining, nothing that would draw your attention to them, they were just “rocks” but there is a smoothness to them no sharp edges.  The water easily flowed over them, with only a small rippling effect. The water was clear and pure.  There was nothing visible in the river but the rocks and water.  Then I hear the Lord say that these are gold nuggets and each has a secret. Serpents have tried to take over the nuggets and make them their home.  BEWARE when you move one for the serpent is ready to attack the territory that it has claimed as his.  Go slowly as you move through the rocks and uncover what lies within.  There are many rocks and you will grow weary if you move too fast trying to uncover their secrets. Take your time and make sure you fully understand the secret of each nugget before going to the next.  For in your haste you may not see all the rock has to tell you. Beware of the serpents, but remember that they can only hurt you if you fall prey to fear.  Fear not I tell you for I am with you.  The serpent can only annoy you and cannot stop you or make you retreat unless you let fear over take you.  Now is not the time for fear but for faith.  Have I not walked with you in your path this far?  Have I not picked you up when you fell?  Have I not embraced you when you have fallen prey to fear in the past?  I will be with you always but I need you to have faith beyond measure.  I need you to be consumed with the fire of my love so that you can see no other direction but the directions that I have set before you.  This is an important time in the battle.  This is a time when all should be ready to go without question and without concern and without fear.  I have waited so long for this time.  It is time to re-establish My relationship with man as it was first intended to be.  It has been perverted for too long.


September 2002  The Dusty Vessel

 I am at a house type building and looking in the window.  I see a very dusty room.  I mean at least an inch of dust on everything.  I see a table with a vase and a pot on the floor that is covered by a cloth material.  The opt is about 20 inches tall, round with a small fluted edge on it, the top opening would be about 20 inches also.  There is just enough of the pot showing to let you know what it’s shape is.  The vase is blue but I can only tell that because there is a shadow on the wall and you can tell by the shadow that the vase has a liquid in it and the shadow has a blue casing.  The vase is about 16 inches tall.  The base is very round about 5 inches up the vase it quickly narrows to about 3 inches until you reach the spout and then it has about a 2 inch tall by 3 ½ inch pour spout.  Then I feel someone take my arm.  I am quite comfortable and not startled by the person.  I have a perfect peace. Then they open the door and I notice that as their foot steps down that they don’t disturb the dust as we enter the room.  The shoes they are wearing are a larger man style shoe. I do not see my feet nor do my feet disturb the dust.  At NO time is the thick dust disturbed.  Everything is dusty and it is clear that nothing has been moved or disturbed for a LONG time.  To my left I see an angle kneeling down and facing away from the door.  I can only see the side of the angle like figure.  It never moves and I get the impression that it is a stationary object.  To my right is a harp.  We continue through the room to a hallway.  The hallway goes to the right, to the left and then straight ahead is another room and you can see that there are objects in there but can not tell what they are.  To the right, I am aware of the hall but can not tell where it goes or even how long it is.  We take a left and then the person opens the door to the room.  The door is an older door and it is like the door to an outside cabin similar to an older barn door.  It is not a modern door and this door was clearly on the outside of the building at one time.  There is a lock in it but I do not hear the lock unlock or see a key but it takes longer to open the door than just turning the handle.

As we enter the room I see the room is much larger than it looks on the outside.  The only light coming in the room is from the window.  I can see out the window and I see many trees and over grown vines just away from the house’s perimeter.  The house itself is neatly manicured and no vines or bushes are un-kept.  It is like the house is hidden and you would only go there by PURE accident or specific directions or by having been there before. You can see that the entrance to the building is in the shape of the letter “U”.  So there is a room across the sidewalk from this room but I can’t see any windows from where I stand.

I see the pot on the floor with the cloth material over the top.  I see the table with the vase.  It is more apparent that there is a liquid in the vase and there does not seem to be any dust in the liquid.  The light coming through the vase is clearly blue and it has a silvery cast to it.  It is like the liquid has been protected from the dust.  There is dust all on the outside of the vase but none on the pouring area of the spout.  The table is a regular table about 3 foot wide and 5 foot long.  On the table now, I see a scroll.  The scroll has NO dust on it yet there is an indentation in the dust to indicate that it has been there a long time.  It is like the dust has been kept off everything except the scroll and the inside of the vase.  Everything else in the room appears to have been allowed to catch the dust.  The scroll is tied by a ribbon but I am unable to tell any color on the ribbon.  It appears to be the same color of the scroll which is white.


I asked the Lord what is this place and I heard the word “contributory”. That was the end of that vision.


NOTE: I have never heard this word and had no idea what it meant so I looked it up


Webster’s 1828:

CONTRIBUTORY, a. Contributing to the same stock or purpose; promoting the same end; bringing assistance to some joint design, or increase to some common stock.


Webster’s 1913 unabridged

CONTRIBUTORY, One who contributes, or is liable to be called upon to contribute, as toward the discharge of a common indebtedness.---Abbott.
OCT 2002 

First I woke up and I saw the wind.  Then I saw satan trying to use the wind as a lasso. I came against satan.  Then I saw the wind playfully going around.  Then I saw the lips of God.  They parted slightly and out came gold dust particles.  Then I saw the wind grab the dust particles and take then over the city and then landed on people’s body parts, the heart, the hand, the foot.  Then I heard the Lord say…….


I created you to have a relationship with Me and to feel My breath, to know even the slightest molecule of my presence.  But you have chosen to listen and allowed doubt to enter and take over the created mind.  Oh, My child, hear Me now, I grief, I grief, I grief…every time you choose to turn from My love and to wash off My breath as if it were the dirt /dust I made you from.

I am not angry; I have only love for you.  I see you as I made you…as a beautiful creature.  More beautiful than any creature I designed. Look at the sparrow, Look at the Dove, Look at the LAMB.  You are part of me.  I made YOU in MY image.  No creature did I design that way I designed man.  No other creature do I long to communicate with.  Forsake not my love any longer.  Do not allow my grief to turn to wrath because I have been tolerant of your mistakes, of your slothfulness and your dis-concernment for as long as I can.

I call you NOW to LISTEN. I call you NOW to HEAR. I call you NOW to feel MY breath as it falls on you.


I have alerted the cherubim that I will again walk in the garden with My children, made in my image.  They know that the time has come for Me to take back MY people and the heavenly is stirring—anticipating the movement of my lips to open and the command to be given.  Choose now to walk with me eternally or to walk alone. 


LISTEN TO ME!                       LISTEN TO ME!!                   LISTEN TO ME!!!


Hear ME, I am talking to you. The voice you hear is mine; the tinkling you feel is MY breath as I am speaking to you. I will not force you, for I designed you to choose. You must choose Delay no longer to My voice, Delay no longer to MY presence. You cannot hide. I can feel you presence as you feel mine. I made you in MY image. I gave you MY heart.  Now I ask you to come back, to walk with me, to again feel MY Love.


My son has risen from My right hand and is ready this moment to return to fight for you.  Fight for My children to return home to the Garden of Eden. He is waiting with the flaming sword to destroy the adversary, who has stolen you, who has kept you captive and has refused to set you free.  Arise MY children and be ready to RUN to me, to run to freedom.  For the flame will consume those who fail to rise up and run or to be slow to rise ---- ARISE NOW----BE READY---- the flame WILL spread quickly.  It must least the adversary escape also.  I am telling you now so you will be ready and you will escape the flames of the sword of the Lord.

I LOVE YOU                            I Love You                               I love you.




From deep within I had been praying for discernment and wisdom when the Lord gave me this vision.


There were gray body type figures just lying around for as far as you can see and they are stacked on top of each other.  I am looking down on the scene and there is a large distance between my eyes and the gray figures.  I say figures because you could not distinguish faces, arms, legs, etc. Just gray globs lying around.  Then suddenly I saw a small ‘light’ shining from deep within the pile. Maybe 3 or 4 layers deep and then 3 more "lights" were visible from farther down maybe about 12, 18 and 25 layers deep. The lights are so small they look like distant stars, very tiny yet it is very bright.  I asked the Lord why He showed me such a dreary, depressing vision since the others that He has given me have been so lively, colorful and just majestic.  I heard, “My child, you asked for discernment and wisdom.  To get those you must learn to see things the way I see them and not the way that man sees them.  For My ways are not man’s ways and My thoughts are not man’s thoughts.” 


(Since then I have been strongly led to look at the Word and see what God’s ways are…I feel a sorrow in my spirit for I feel that the gray globs are humans who have not sought the Lord and the ‘light’ are those that do love the Lord.  It is hard to imagine that many people who are not shining in the light of the Lord.)


I heard the Lord say, “My people it is time to come out from hiding.  Come out into the light and know not the darkness any longer.  Some of you are gray because you are shadowed by the darkness of this world.  Those are the ones that My son tells will be spewed out for they are neither hot nor cold.  I tell you now it is better to have not known My love than to have it and reject Me or ignore My warmth for the pleasures of this world.  There will be no peace for those who have chosen their ways over My ways.  I ask little and give much but you ask much and give little.  It is time to answer your calling and go the ways that I have instructed you.  TIME IS IMPORTANT.  Seconds are ticking on the clock and you hear the call, you feel the movement but you ignore it as if it were just another day.  The days are numbered, as are the hairs on your head.  I have chosen you for this time and for this purpose. 


I can wait no longer.  I am going ahead.  If you wish to continue with Me, then you must hearken to My voice and HEAR ME.  The final days are upon us.  The motion has already begun to unite MY people and to take back what is MINE. There is no time to go back and forth to get those who are slow to listen, slow to hear and are waiting for My voice to speak to them.  I AM SPEAKING NOW.  I am telling you NOW the time is HERE.  The time is NOW…..Be ready for SOON you will hear the trumpet sound and the clattering of the mighty horse that will bring the winds of change and the fire of MY spirit.  First the brightest of lights and then darkness for as My spirit passes it will pull the light from the earth like a magnet and take the light away with it.  Then the darkness will fill the earth and I will deal with the inequities of the people left on the earth.  There will be a fight for the souls that remain on the earth and My saints will fight the fight that they have longed to fight.  Many that have petitioned Me for My indwelling Spirit will suddenly have eyes to see… and will see and feel My love like they have never felt before but others will remain cold with the spirit of death around them.  They have chosen to close their eyes and their ears to My Word and have thrown My principles in the dirt.  They will not know what they gave up until it is too late and their cries will be heard in My heart and I will weep for them but My tears will not comfort them in their terror and torment.

My children there is an urgency, there is a deadline.  You must rise up now like you have never risen before…..I am coming, I am coming, the time is nigh.