From deep within I had been praying for discernment and wisdom when the Lord gave me this vision.


There were gray body type figures just lying around for as far as you can see and they are stacked on top of each other.  I am looking down on the scene and there is a large distance between my eyes and the gray figures.  I say figures because you could not distinguish faces, arms, legs, etc. Just gray globs lying around.  Then suddenly I saw a small ‘light’ shining from deep within the pile. Maybe 3 or 4 layers deep and then 3 more "lights" were visible from farther down maybe about 12, 18 and 25 layers deep. The lights are so small they look like distant stars, very tiny yet it is very bright.  I asked the Lord why He showed me such a dreary, depressing vision since the others that He has given me have been so lively, colorful and just majestic.  I heard, “My child, you asked for discernment and wisdom.  To get those you must learn to see things the way I see them and not the way that man sees them.  For My ways are not man’s ways and My thoughts are not man’s thoughts.” 


(Since then I have been strongly led to look at the Word and see what God’s ways are…I feel a sorrow in my spirit for I feel that the gray globs are humans who have not sought the Lord and the ‘light’ are those that do love the Lord.  It is hard to imagine that many people who are not shining in the light of the Lord.)


I heard the Lord say, “My people it is time to come out from hiding.  Come out into the light and know not the darkness any longer.  Some of you are gray because you are shadowed by the darkness of this world.  Those are the ones that My son tells will be spewed out for they are neither hot nor cold.  I tell you now it is better to have not known My love than to have it and reject Me or ignore My warmth for the pleasures of this world.  There will be no peace for those who have chosen their ways over My ways.  I ask little and give much but you ask much and give little.  It is time to answer your calling and go the ways that I have instructed you.  TIME IS IMPORTANT.  Seconds are ticking on the clock and you hear the call, you feel the movement but you ignore it as if it were just another day.  The days are numbered, as are the hairs on your head.  I have chosen you for this time and for this purpose. 


I can wait no longer.  I am going ahead.  If you wish to continue with Me, then you must hearken to My voice and HEAR ME.  The final days are upon us.  The motion has already begun to unite MY people and to take back what is MINE. There is no time to go back and forth to get those who are slow to listen, slow to hear and are waiting for My voice to speak to them.  I AM SPEAKING NOW.  I am telling you NOW the time is HERE.  The time is NOW…..Be ready for SOON you will hear the trumpet sound and the clattering of the mighty horse that will bring the winds of change and the fire of MY spirit.  First the brightest of lights and then darkness for as My spirit passes it will pull the light from the earth like a magnet and take the light away with it.  Then the darkness will fill the earth and I will deal with the inequities of the people left on the earth.  There will be a fight for the souls that remain on the earth and My saints will fight the fight that they have longed to fight.  Many that have petitioned Me for My indwelling Spirit will suddenly have eyes to see… and will see and feel My love like they have never felt before but others will remain cold with the spirit of death around them.  They have chosen to close their eyes and their ears to My Word and have thrown My principles in the dirt.  They will not know what they gave up until it is too late and their cries will be heard in My heart and I will weep for them but My tears will not comfort them in their terror and torment.

My children there is an urgency, there is a deadline.  You must rise up now like you have never risen before…..I am coming, I am coming, the time is nigh.