Words of knowledge, Words of Wisdom, Words of prophecy ...here is one example of what God does through people such as Sheila, who are yielded to Him ... ecouraging Words through her, Words that are undeniable to those who receive them ...There are elements that only God would know in these types of occurences.God is real, alive, active, personal, and yet awesome far beyond human understanding.


This is a transcript from an audio recording of a Word from the Lord for Bill and Jeanie.


Sheila R. out ofTexas gave the prophecy at a Monday night meeting 12 June 2000.


Interesting to Note:†† In a general statement prior to several individual words, Sheila said she could not see anything past 2003 -- from this time that would be in about three years. -- around summer 2003.


Sheila R (SR). What is your name?

Bill N (BN). Bill

SRBill, are you by yourself? got a wife somewhere?whereís the wife?

BN Am here with my wife Jeanie and granddaughter Paige and they are over there ( Jeanie raises her hand and so does Paige as she is walking by)

SROK, there she is, OK I was waiting for ... I thought that your wife was with you, couldn't find her -- she is over on the wrong side.

SRUh Huh, its Bill and Linda, was it?

Audience ( a few) Oh No!

Jeanie N (JN)No, but that is good, its his first wife's name.

SR Ohhh!

Audiencesurprised and generally amused laughter!


SRWhat is your name?


SRI don't know,felt like that name just came into my head.Oh me.

SRThe Lord says there was a great quest that was going on with the both of you -- a quest for your place, your assignment.A quest for more -- knowledge, more understanding, and - thereís a reticence but thereís sincerity. Thereís a, you know, I'm always impressed more by people who don't embrace things quickly -- who stand back and uh pray, and --, let their discernment work and try the spirits and see if they be of God and -- thatís a good thing.It can aggravate some people, because they may think they are right.But I'm very much like that -- and -- I honestly don't think we are in the place where its wise to make hasty decisions or make a mistake.and so, -- as I wasuh observing, and the Lord just draws me to certain people and then He begins speaking to me about them -- and the Lord said, remember those that are slower to embrace -- when they do embrace, become like pit bulldogs, man they get ahold of it and they don't let go until somebody hollers.But the Lord says, -- that thereís, a, like a, is like a -- let me find the word and not fill in my own blank.†† Its like there is a mandate, a direction from the Lord that wants to come upon you tonight -- that Heís going to make some radical changes in your lives tonight.not to say that you are old by any means, but youíre mature.and a lot of times, when God pulls out people who are of that age group, they tend to feel like their -- peak years are behind them and that they just kind of settle in to whatever is leftover.and the Lord says I don't have any leftovers for you.I've prepared a whole new meal; and it is at this hour thatís so critical when so many of my children are flailing about without purpose and direction;and the Lord said there is a studiousness, and a integrity in the both of you that I would trust you to be spiritual parents to those who are ignorant of not only the goodness of the Lord, but the relationship to Him as their Father.And the Lord said, like all of us, there have been mistakes made in the past, -- concerning rearing, and children and all of those things but the Lord says, nevertheless, -- I operate, I respond to the motivation and the intent of your heart. And the Lord says, I'm going to shake your house -- I'm going to shake your house.And you can interpret that anyway you want to, but the Lord said, Iím going to show you how I can shake your house, and when I finish shaking it, all the pieces will still be in place.And the Lord says, that shaking, is to get your attention -- that itís not a time to retire -- Its not a time to pull back. Itís not a time to be like -- not have any movement, or not be doing anything.like, you know, its not a time for R&R.The Lord says, I need you now --I need your wisdom, I need your integrity, I need your strength, to go into, plant, to invest into, a generation that will turn this world completely around.And the Lord says, I am going to shake your house, to show you that the supernatural is more than real, to show you that I'm going to do some supernatural things in your own houses.And that, -- I'm going to show you that this time that I'm setting aside for you, to be spiritual parents, that there's going to be a different measure of my power and anointing, that is going to cause the things that would have taken years to take only months and the Lord said you will have to say "Lord it is overwhelming me -- I don't understand, but I have faith in you, and here I go"And the Lord said, and you will see that it is not a tiring and a fatiguing job and its not , but the Lord said the most rewarding years of your life lay ahead of you and the Lord said, even to the fact that you will seem to feel and look and be younger than what you actually are and the Lord says its almost like you're meeting those young people half way and as they are getting older, you're getting younger, and the Lord said you'll find that you think younger, act younger, you find there is joy where there was kind of a complacency.And the Lord says, you'll find that there is joy and there's fun, and there's laughter, and the Lord says there's times of great tears -- tears of rejoicing, tears of celebration, tears of joy, but no more tears of sorrow, says the Lord -- no more tears of sorrow.And the Lord said, you will see that it is a good -thing -- it is a good thing -- to be faithful, steadfast, and true, for the Lord said those characteristics are my characteristics, and they are the thing in you that I have planted that at this season this may come forth in a new measure for that you would touch lives that will be changed forever and that they will always relate to me after they have known you, they will be able to know what it really means to say, Abba Father.Hallelujah, Praise you Jesus.Good word for you.


SRBill and Mary! I got it right Mary, don't panic.††† Bill is from William.Is your name actually William or just Bill?

BN Billy

SROK, your name means resolute protector and noble spirit, and it is an old German name.

Deuteronomy 5:33You shall walk in all the ways your Lord has commanded you, that you will prolong your days in the land, which you shall possess.††††† Sounds pretty good to me.††† You're not a real excitable person are you?

BNNot normally.

SRYeah, right.††

Audiencegeneral laughter

SRNow where did we put those firecrackers.Phlegmatic, PhlegmaticSanguines are jumping off the walls and everything-- and Plegmatics are saying, Oh, thatís nice.

BNGod revealed that there is about "three years" leftand I told Jeanie on Sunday afternoon, yesterday.

SRPraise God, Amen to that -- Are you getting excited?!Youíre getting stirred up there, I can feel it, come on! you can do it! come on, put your heart into it!

BN We stopped at a Sonic recently and while waiting for the meal I opened a book and it happened to open to a chapter on being a servant.So I read aloud to Jeanie and Paige as God was dealing with me on this topic.Jesus being our role model and all.As I was reading this Jeanie became excited about something but I said wait as Iím almost done.As I finished reading the paragraph, she told me during the reading, a lady stepped out of her vehicle and on the back of her T-shirt it read "Servant".God seems to tell us things in several different ways over the last 6 months or so.God is really wonderful in doing this.

SRDo you know why He does this?

BN Itís undeniable that way.

SRA little slow on the uptake there aren't you?(general laughter from group)Just kidding, JUST KIDDING!

SRNow you see, you've worked yourself up -- He's got to talk! God ahead, talk!

BNI believe God is telling me I am supposed to help the people in the inner cities, but not just the older people.

SRMany of the people in the inner cities are young homeless people. It's an encouragement to the rest of us.Itís a good encouragement.Thank you.

SRShow them how a Father really is and that will help relate to their heavenly Father.He's bringing the children back to their parents and the parents back to their children.And that is part of your assignment. And where are the weakest?They are in the heart of the city.I go into the hood in Chicago and into those gang areas and you know they will almost give in for just one kind word, and one word from the Lord will change their lives forever.And so, you know its good that this is a confirming word for you and that God is showing you that He's backing everything up with signs to let you know that He's right on top of it.

SRMary your name means Blessed of the Lord.'

SRLuke 1:28And having come in,the Angels said to her "rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you.Blessed are you among women.What a pretty and sweet scripture verse.That's a prophetic word over your name.Blessings on you.I am so glad you came tonight.