2001 Impression.


Well, I use the word impression for lack of a better one.


I awoke early one morning in 2001 and immediately became aware that something I had not experienced before was occurring.  I scrambled to find something to write with because of an urgency to record what was coming into my mind.  The information was coming in as if my mind where receiving a fax.  It came in a tiny bit at a time.   Ultimately, it became two symbols or drawings and two words.  As it came into my mind a little bit at a time I drew it and wrote the letters one at a time onto the paper.


The first symbol became a circle with rounded saw-tooth edges all around the circumference:


The word that followed it was Indioencemic


The second symbol was an elongated oval with a saw tooth pattern all around the outside:


The word with it was Mesopatamic


The way they were put into my conscious mind gave me the impression that there was a long distance involved but in a spiritual sense.  I asked what these symbols and words meant.  


The impression that these symbols represent two angels or spiritual beings was strong


The impression also followed that the round symbol was stronger and would prevail.


The impression was also that the symbols represent spiritual principalities and warfare in the heavenlies and probably here on earth.


The impression was that there was opposition to the message getting through but that there was no stopping the way that it was delivered.


Next I was led to believe that Iraq and India and probably the areas in and around these two physical and geographical locations were involved.


I also was led to recall the river Euphrates and angels who would be loosed there at some point in “time”.


Glory to God in the Highest, blessed be the Name of the Lord.