Two dreams; wonderful ones.  


I doubt wishful thinking, or anything evil would bring such a dream into my conscious.   I certainly can recall it today, July 2003, as if it just happened -- although the dreams occurred separately between 1999 and in 2000.


Also, while I had read some scripture, the dreams did lead me into more scripture reading and praying.  The dreams line up with scripture.  The dreams were confirmed in several different ways though events and people.  One confirmation was through a small child, another though a scripture filled prayer warrior, and so forth and so on …


Dream 1.


I was walking in my back yard and the air felt pleasant to my physical senses and a sense of peace and prosperity seemed to be in the air.  I noticed a nice tree to my right as I began to walk by it deeper into the yard.  The leaves were green and healthy.  My thought is that it was late summer or early fall.


As I took the next step in the walk, I suddenly was lifted off the ground.  There was no physical feeling of gravity pressing although I was being moved quickly and effortlessly.


As I moved up I was turning back toward and over the roof of the house.  As I moved in that direction I saw in the far distance what I at first assumed to be large birds, perhaps pelicans.  I believed I was near a coast, and that I was arising out of a place in Florida that I had recently moved from.   For an instant I assumed the objects to be pelicans, however, there appeared to be many thousands of them as though a long swarm of bats all moving in the same direction.  Then I received the sense that they were also humans as I was and that they were also being moved upward and toward a similar destination.   Even so, they were in the far distance.


As I moved over the roof of the house and upward the sense that incredible acceleration was occurring increased and kept increasing.   Things became a blur of lights and sights yet there still was no sensation of gravity or discomfort of any kind.  Within what seemed like a ga-zillion miles in a few seconds there was peace, comfort, no sense of fear at all, when abruptly but still with no discomfort or sense of force, I was stopped.  I found myself facing three interlacing circles of beautiful light somewhat like three halos in the far distance.  The halos were surrounded by what seemed to be billowy white clouds.


As I was stopped and looked ahead at the circles or halos of light -- instantly and spontaneously a feeling of incredible joy (for lack of a more adequate expression) came over me AND a sound like thousands, perhaps millions of rapidly flowing words of what I sensed where praise burst forth out of what seemed to be every molecule of my body.  It was if each one was a new language.  Each language stream was going extremely fast and full of meaning although I could not understand it. 


This lasted for perhaps 10 seconds and I never wanted it to stop.  However as I often do when I do not want to be distracted by what my eyes are seeing in the natural, I closed my eyes.  When my eyes closed and I opened them again I was elsewhere. 


The elsewhere seemed to be somewhere on earth again but it could have been anywhere.

I say anywhere because there were some noticeable differences from whence I had previously left earth.  I was aware that I was moving effortlessly in the air, unaware of any means to do so.  It was as though I thought about moving and it happened.  My sense was that there were no wings or physical devices responsible for this ability to move effortlessly through the air.  I appeared to have a perfect human body although I did not see myself in a mirror or desire to see myself in this new and what should have normally been an exciting condition.  My attention was immediately drawn to two men who looked to be soldiers in uniform.  The uniforms were an olive-brown with a little red trim.  I do not recall any type of helmet or hat.   Both were firing small arms weapons at me and they did not appear to have any effect whatsoever.  And yet I had a sense that I needed to avoid them rather than fight back.  I easily moved into a nearby room and they pursued - in came a grenade.   I caught the grenade and threw it back.  Upon the explosion of it the dream ended.


After I awoke I vividly remember the dream and had the urgent desire to read scripture with a sense that there would be a relationship found.


When I read scripture it did indeed reveal some things that I had a misconception about -- having not previously read the Word of God, especially in the area relating to this dream.


Afterward there was additional confirmation through others and though signs that I was being led on the correct track. 


The effect of the dream, as least one effect was to set me on fire from within to seek the Face of God with all that was within me, and to look forward with eager hope to the second coming or advent of Christ Jesus.  I had a blessing so loving and kind, so precious and glorious as to be indescribable.  While at the same time it was something that caused me to realize that what I experienced, though immeasurably wonderful, was but a touch of how awesomely joyful and fulfilling it would be to be even in the far distant presence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- to be so much closer than now.   Even so we would still not be as close as those who love and seek Him in spirit and in truth soon will be.



Dream 2.


As time proceeded after dream one, I began to seek God with more strength, energy, and resources than before.  A small book by Max Lucado helped me realize that God is worthy of my frequent praise and worship.  I saw that it would be pleasing to God if I used every possible moment available to seek His face rather than His hands.  For example, when I went to and from work I would listen to praise and worship music and sing along.  Thinking about the Lord and His goodness as I sang.   It was a form of communion and of giving of first fruits as well as a continual focus on the Lord.   Prayer was included.  God seemed much bigger than what I had previously imagined.  Things began to change.  God revealed Himself in new ways -- so marvelous and wonderful…   I purposed to think upon the Lord in every way and every moment possible for as long as possible.   When I did this time seemed to both expand and at the same time fly by.   God went before me and mountains at work and in my family became as level ground.  The opportunity to witness was continual.


Ok, almost into dream two.


I was led to make a web site (along with a ga-zillion others probably).  However, my belief was that God would provide -- actually had already provided -- the resources and the materials for the web site.  Several things were prominent about the site, but perhaps not unusual.  (1) I was not to mention (ask for) money in any way  (2) The site would be one that would grow as the Holy Spirit led me to grow it, but I could sense it would be both evangelistic, as well as for growing and mature Christians  (3) It would help us seek the face of God  (4) it would help members of my family somehow as well


One thing was needed that I did not want to do of myself.  A name for the site was needed.


With that in mind I asked in prayer to God, In Jesus Name, for the name that should be used.


The next morning, I believe I dreamed that I awoke but was actually still asleep dreaming.  When I opened my eyes, there was a perfect looking face much larger than mine and it was a Holy presence hovering above me as though He had been there, observing me lovingly for a while.  And it was as though He was waiting for me to awaken.   The unusual thing about the face was that it was normal in dimensions but filled the space directly above me and it was as if a golden membrane was in front of the face.  The face was pressed into the golden membrane just so I could make out the features of the eyes, nose, mouth, hair outline and general features.   The golden color was beautiful and like none I had seen before.  It was a face that I can still see and love to recall.   I had the sense that this face was the face of God or Jesus, or perhaps both.  I emphasize that I did not see the face directly (would I be physically alive otherwise?) but rather the outline and major features of the face through the golden “membrane”  -- membrane, for lack of a better word.


After what seemed like about 5 or so seconds I actually awoke and realized it was a dream.  Oh, but what an amazing and wonderful dream.  So I immediately told my wife about it and she suggested I look in the scripture for verses containing the word face.   I did so and came upon the verses about seeking God’s face.   Next I did a domain name search on seek His face.  Unlike other names that I previously tried to come up with, this Name was not taken in .com, .org, or .net.    So I registered in all three.


Since then, I increasingly have heard the term “Seek His Face” and know from all that has occurred that the dream is definitely from God.   I was led to make the website pages in html alone because people of all nations would be able to view the pages with whatever browser.


One pastor viewed the site and commented,  “It has a LOT of scripture”; another brother in the Lord commented, “It is like reading the Bible.”  To those who know the benefits these are high complements … many people of various nations are visiting the site -- nations and people that I never dreamed would do so.  This is the desire of my heart, that NONE would perish but that ALL would come to know the Lord and be saved eternally, freed from oppression and bondage of the evil one, forgiven of ALL sins, reconciled and restored to a relationship with God forever.   I know this is also the desire of God because His Word tells me this and so very much more that is wonderful, gracious, merciful, loving and kind.  His plan for you and I is for good and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope.   He created us in His image and the choice for eternal life (or not) is ours alone.


Russians, Australians, Ukrainians, Chinese, New Zealanders, and so on are coming to read the Word of the Lord.   The site is alive since this dream and will be another light into the spiritual desert of darkness that the Internet floods with all manner of “information”.  


Light is attractive AND at the same time absolutely dispels such darkness.   Christ Jesus, the Word made flesh to dwell among us is Light that the darkness must yield to.   He is Living Bread and Living Water.  He is able through us to swallow up any flood of deceit or evil that any enemy can muster.  And He tells us He will do so by the Truth of God and Love.  While there is temporarily deceit and greed flowing as if a worldwide flood of evil threatens to drown the careless reader in fear, uncertainty, doubt and eternal death, be assured that God is in control.  And when everyone that is supposed to choose -- has chosen -- the end will occur swiftly and a new beginning without evil ensues -- as we who believe and receive enter once again into eternity with God.


This will probably bring to mind many scriptures.   No weapon formed against us will prosper …    Our weapons are not carnal … Our God is an awesome God … If God be for us who can be against us … Put on the whole armor of God …  I put before you today blessings and curses, choose … Man cannot serve two masters … If the love of the world is in you then … Choose you this day who you will serve … 


How wonderful is the Truth of God.  Read it first before all other things that the world tempts us to do instead.  There is life in its pages - eternal life worth living.   All else is death and sinking sand.  Put your trust in the Rock of Ages and truly be set free and begin to live.  It is a journey and well worth beginning now.


I cannot decide for you, nor can anyone else.  I pray you will choose life today and every day -- as I intend to also do.   No, we cannot choose for others, but we can pray for all to come into the most important and fulfilling relationship that there is.  And witness of His goodness toward us -- as the Lord leads. 


This one thing I know for sure -- no matter what the rest of the world may say or do -- I am convinced and determined that my house and I will, with gladness, serve the Lord.  And we know that the God of all creation is able to enable us to do it.  Glory to God in the highest, blessed be the Name of the Lord.